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Keeping your program stable and healthy


Growing the Economic Health of Your Program

Economic Health of Your Program



i-Award - Greater Midwest Cheer ExpoThe Greater Midwest Cheer Expo (Ohio) is handing out the I-Award at their St Patrick's Day event.
This award will be presented to the team/indivdual/coach/parent that exemplifies:
I-ntegrity; E-nthusiasm; P-assion
for sportsmanship and community

Send your stories or about a team you know; then attend the St Patrick's Day event and see who receives the award!


Worlds Anthem Debuted!

The Cheerleading Worlds Anthem debuted at the WSF Competition in Indianapolis on Sunday, December 12,2010.  If you plan on attending a competition to earn World’s Bid you’ll hear the National Anthem upon arrival and the new Cheer Worlds Anthem at the awards ceremonies.

The song “We Made It Here” is unlike other sports anthems and is not your regular fight song nor a song to rally the fans. This anthem was created for this distinct sport to celebrate, congratulate and appreciate the teamwork, unity, sweat and tears, and accomplishments of cheerleaders, cheer coaches and cheer parents “raising the bar” to get to “the showcase of stars”. We Made It Here

3rd Level Consulting
Join Frank at 3rd Level Consulting for fast paced on line webinars and on-site conferences to learn a variety of strategic and financial tools to elevate you to new levels of success. Monthly Webinars start at Noon. 3rd Level Consulting

8 Tips to keep your business Growing

  1. Drive the organization with big vision.   Growth requires thinking big,
    then executing like crazy. Success is 10 percent inspiration and 90 percent
  2. Seek out new ideas.
  3. Ignore distractions.
  4. Empower your staff through ownership.
  5. Neutralize negativity.
  6. Account for big goals.
  7. Celebrate wins along the way.
  8. Passion overall - all the time.
SITA New Board Members include 2 Ohioans

Margie Willis (formerly of COA) has been named
Executive Director for SITA, Spirit Industry Trade

  Newly elected Treasurer, Elizabeth Rosetti, President and Founder of AmeriCheer will serve a 3 year term ending 2013.
Liz is also a founding member of NLCC (Nation's Leading Cheer Companies). 

Varsity All Star Adds New Competition HostVarsity Introduces CHEERLEBRITY!

Cheerlebrity is a unique addition to Varsity All Star and will provide a competition experience like none other in the industry. Each team will be judged by a scoring panel AND a Cheerlebrity judging panel! The Cheerlebrity panel will consist of well-known All Star athletes, coaches and choreographers from across the country. Scores will be announced after each performance using the Varsity All Star digital scoring system

   Tumbletrak Sale!!!
Tumbl Trak offers uses, tips and techniques to work safely with your athletes and advance their skill.  Each New year check your equipment for wear and tear. Follow this link to help your newbees overcome the fear of back handsprings. Tumbl Trak

The U.S. Finals ~ The Final
Destination  2011 Dates

There are over 30 locations from September thru March for you to qualify.

2011 U.S. Finals competitions have been finalized and include:

  • Baton Rouge, LA, April 1–2
  • Orlando, FL, April 8–9
  • Virginia Beach, VA, April 8–10
  • Kansas City, MO, April 15–16
  • Las Vegas, NV, April 15–16
  • Indianapolis, IN, April 15–16
  • Providence, RI, May 7–8
  • Washington, DC, May 7–8

AAI Masters Insurance for Cheer Gyms, Schools and Rec Leagues Risk Management Resource    - -   Ohio proud!
 Masters Insurance  - Risk management - Protect Your Business - Protect Your staff - Protect Your Athletes
Parades, Practice, Camps, Competitions, Fundraisers. Protect you and your staff.
3 Ohio Locations:  Columbus, Dublin and Gahanna

What does Growth Mean to You


The Number of Participants, Prestige-Clout, Fame or does Growth mean Money?


As on organization grows in complexity, so does its organizational chart. Remember when you first started? You didn’t need an organizational chart. Now that you are growing that organizational chart is important. Truly put it in writing. What was once a few trees becomes a forest that can block your effectiveness (can’t see the forest for the trees). Don’t let the forest block your view from your clients (cheerleaders and parents) or from your coaches, staff, leaders and personnel. You need to solve and resolve issues on all fronts by knowing what’s going on and communicating freely.

Unfortunately, when owners need to look at finances and capital, focus on reducing costs can bring out the axe and start chopping down your trees. Instead, try to streamline your people to become more efficient. Prepare them for the growth, communicate to them what to expect during your growth process. Increase your efficiency, productivity and your communications – verbal, written and listening. Connect to their needs and desires. Bring your dreams to the team level. Translate your visions into results.

Great team leaders spend time clarifying goals, cultivating their own leadership skills and identifying new ways to achieve great results.

Don’t get confused or bogged down by micromanaging, an effective leader will check in to make sure the organization's goals and strategies remain clear. At the same time, they help build capability of individual team members versus taking on the work of the team themselves. It’s o.k. to let go. By delegating your duties, your leadership people will feel responsible for their work and your success.

Simply opening productive and constructive communication to a greater degree will help leaders increase their effectiveness and their teams function most effectively. Leaders often feel unnecessary pressure to tell everyone on the team what to do. Focus on influencing versus doing.

Quality control: of your set policies, procedures and outcomes. You didn’t win that 1st place trophy? Evaluate. Think of your quality control as the same or similar duty in a scholastic setting. You would expect to turn in your evaluations to the Athletic Director or Principal, why is it different. Set yourself intervals for evaluation (end of each month, end of calendar year, end of cheer season). Always, always evaluate yourselves before and after a competition or show. Everyone in your organization should have an evaluation form geared at their position. Cheerleaders should evaluate the program, your staff should evaluate your program, you should evaluate yourself, and yes even the parents can submit evaluations. You may hear complaints – that’s ok – use them to your advantage. Don’t take them personally. Use the concerns of others to make your program better.



As business owner, cheer director, or head coach take a look at the Athletic Director's Page .

It is filled with info for use in your gym or studio.  Insurance, skills & drills, athletes, standards, tips, management info and more.  You will also stay abreast of what's happening in the cheer segments around you.  Be in the Know!

Attendance down?

The OACC Megaphone Newsletter gives insight as to where your cheerleaders have gone and what they are looking for.

Get Ready to Compete


Competition preparedness

PreCompetition jitters.  Almost every competitive athlete experiences them. It could be a restless night before or as extreme as throwing up right up until the time you hit the floor. If really bad, anxiety can destroy performance. Some anxiety is healthy – it’s how you manage their jitters that is the critical factor.

Before the event:  Prepare both mentally and physically.      Prepare for the unexpected.

Pump it up!        Create Pre-Competition Rituals.

The Original Block  The Original Block - One of the Most versatile pieces of training equipment for all levels.



Keeping Your Organization Growing with 3rd Level

No matter which type of Children’s Activity Center you are – Gymnastics, Cheerleading,  Dance, Martial Arts – or a blend – 3rd Level Consulting has the complete “menu” of services that you need to develop and grow at every stage. Hundreds of pages of advice from Frank Sahlein. Helping your business expand.

Competition Preparedness & PreCompetition jitters



The end of competition season … the final battles were played…or were they? There is another season that is being played at this same time, an underground war being waged with possibly more intensity, determination, and relentlessness than any actual cheer competition season. It is the season of recruiting.

Recruiting is a crucial aspect of all-star cheerleading, especially to the Elite All-Star Teams. It is directly responsible for the success or failure of teams, maybe more so than practicing, training, or coaching. Many coaches spend more time trying to get the next crop of prized athletes than they do with their actual players.


The Jam Brands - Your Partner in Spirit The Jam Brands - Your Parnters in Spirit

The high stakes of recruiting

Please share your special needs team with us.   A listing of Special Needs Teams, Camps and Programs will be published in early 2008.  More info for special needs athletes can also be viewed on the OACC Parent's Page

MidwestCheerExpo  comments from their Winter Cheer & Dance Classic competition hosted 12/2/08:    "I believe it is an experience that is very profound.  It seems to have an effect on the spectators, the event staff and the other competitors.  It is as if everyone becomes one for that moment in time; to share the excitement that the special needs team emits from the floor from the time they enter the arena.  They contain an energy and love of the sport  that is evident throughout their routines.  They love being out there,they share it and everyone shares it.  There is no pity for them, just admiration, respect and love that produces a standing ovation each and every time.  They touch your heart.  There is no other way to put it."  

THANK YOU!! to Teresa and the staff at The Greater Midwest Cheer Expo and the Competition Hosts who promote a special needs division for competition and exhibition performances!

See MORE on Special Needs Athletes, Teams and Competition on the Parents page

Revamp and Modernize for more sales


In successful gyms today, the interior display is recognized as an important component in the sales promotion program. Interior display was once the retail industry's stepchild. No longer.  You can spend thousands of dollars advertising for more students, but have you thought of adding on sales to your existing customers?  Your interior should look less like a stockroom and more like a showroom. They should be designed to sell and display goods instead of a place to store them.   The display of your add-on services and merchandise lining your traffic aisles is the same as window merchants on a sidewalk. Let the OACC show you how to expose your potential to your customers.

Announcing the U.S. Finals


The U.S. Finals

See the News & Events page  for the Latest info on the fastest growing Year End, World's Best, Final Destination at The U.S. Finals. Ohio is home to one of the four National Competitions.   Qualifier Competitions available throughout Ohio and surrounding.

The U.S. Finals is a continuation of the already successful event, The Final Destination.  The Final Destination has grown into the single most successful multi-brand event in the entire U.S.    The U.S. Finals journey begins on the west coast and travels to the east coast over a three-week period.  The goal is simple…to crown a TRUE U.S. Champion at every level and division.   See you in Cincy in April! 

Ohio Cheer Force merger


04/02/08   Ohio Cheer Force has been very successful over the past seven years, and they are always looking for ways to enhance the experience they offer to their team members. They are excited and proud to announce that Ohio Cheer Force is merging with Premier Athletics.  full merger announcement

All-Star vs. Elite vs. Competition Cheerleader


As recent as 7 or so years ago you could see cheerleaders classified as Elite and All-Star, which included our Novice and PeeWee Divisions. Yes, there are differences between the Elite teams and the AllStar teams. Today, with the popularity and explosion of the sporting activity of cheering, a new label or term has been added "Competition Cheerleader" or "Competition Teams".

The 2 categories most often used in Ohio Cheerleading today are...

Elite vs AllStar vs Competition

Strategic business development for



  • New start up cheer facilities
  • Diversity in services-expansion for dance or gymnastics facilities
  • Growth and health of your existing cheer business

The Megaphone newsletter will give you tips, hints, advice, trends and articles for

Managing your AllStar business

Building your AllStar business

The Ohio Association of Cheerleading coaches recognizes that coaches cannot merely react to issues as they emerge. To continue as a leader, improving the profession, you must anticipate future change.

Moving up from All-Star to Elite


As promised the OACC is interviewing and researching methods and practices for you to move your cheerleaders from All-Star to Elite .

You'll be getting information from Exercise Physiologists, Athletic Trainers, Children's Hospitals Associates and World Olympic Coaches.  Always keep caution at your side.  You may be ready to move to the Elite level, that doesn't mean your cheerleaders are.  Keep safety first and always follow AACCA's rules of skill progression and NCSSE's premise of coaching principles.

High Level Athletes

Elite Training


Moving your team from all star to elite... Coach Brian Grasso shares his philosophies and training techniques as he builds elite athletes.  See the coaches page

Competition Divisions


As you've scheduled your teams to compete, you've noticed more of a consistency in the rules and regulations.

Each Event Coordinator/Competition Host may set their own requirements for safety, divisions and routine elements.  This is ok and regional factors may come in to play.  As you progress into State Championships and Open Classics hosted by the National Event Coordinators, you will see much more consistency thanks to the NACCC and the USASF.

Two of the All-Star Cheerleading National Organizations have teamed up reaching an agreement that will help to unify the all-star cheerleading community.   The NACC will become a part of the USASF as the Official Coaches Rules Committee.

NACCC   National All-star Cheerleading Coaches Congress         NACCC

This national leading platform was created for a unified voice of the coaches, by the coaches, for the coaches.  The NACC is working to become a national, central authority for the sport of all-star cheerleading.   They work within the membership to streamline rules, to provide a safety certification process, and to serve as a liaison between the all-star coaching community and cheerleading companies.  Because of the rapid growth of our sport, we need unity and consistency rather than constant change and fragmentation.

USASF   The United States All-Star Federation             USASF

They are helping to set standardization.  Standards in Safety, Standards in Coaches Education, and promoting safe environments for all cheerleading and dance across the country.

The U.S. All Star Federation is officially organized as a not for profit corporation governed by a Board of Directors. The Board consists of industry leaders from major competition companies and nationally recognized all star program owners. The organization is also comprised of a number of committees, such as Rules; Selection; Membership; and Safety, Education and Ethics, that advise the Board on pertinent issues.


New Start Manual



This comprehensive manual contains important business growth strategies to establish or improve the components of a successful cheer program. Marketing Strategies, Organization Strategies, Service Strategies, Product Strategies, People Strategies and Financial Strategies.

The manual is filled with Forms,Templates and Ideas ready for you to use.

This manual is for anyone serious about creating a profitable business around their passion for coaching. To succeed you not only need to be a good coach but you also need to understand how to run a good business. This guide helps you to achieve both!

Cheerleading has experienced phenomenal growth in membership and influence. The past ten years has been particularly significant. Changes in the field have been dramatic. Draw on your resources if you want to continue to grow. The OACC has the gift of a great deal of diversity amongst membership. The Association draws its strength from this diversity.

Whether starting a new team or starting a new season, this manual will help you identify your goals and pursue them.

Start Your own Gym



Take your dream and make it reality. But where do you start? You are developing your own great business idea. You may be starting from scratch or maybe looking at a merger with another facility. Franchise opportunities are available and acquisitions or buying an existing cheer, gymnastics, dance, or fitness facility is an option. Each carries their own start up set of logistics, the OACC is here to help you make your best decisions in all aspects of business startup.

Grab the Opportunity Start your own Gym

Your Gym, Your Teams & You


Existing Gym  Mid-Season

Mid Season

New Business failure


Not all cheer businesses stay so cheerful. Poor management practices, too little structure, inadequate financing and/or, ineffective marketing techniques are the leading causes of business failures.

New Business Failure



Your choreography could make or break you.


Who choreographs?



Who does the choreography?

Choreography - Do we need to copyright our work?




The Excitement of Open Teams


Learn more about joining an Open Team on the College Cheer page.

A Direct listing for a team near you .



Getting it, losing it, and getting it back again in gymnastics (cheerleading) 
Alison Arnold Ph.D.

It's so frustrating. One minute they can do the skill the next minute they can't. So many gymnasts (Cheerleaders) can do a skill perfectly one day, only to find themselves losing it, or worse yet, not even being able to go for it at all. Take the story of Camille for example,

"One day I was doing my back handsprings perfectly. It had taken years to learn it and finally I got it! I was so happy. The next day I came into the gym and would not even throw one! It wasn't like I was scared, it was like I had a block inside my body that said "don't go". My coaches were frustrated, and I was frustrated. I wasn't sure what was going on."

This happens to every gymnast at one time or another. A block so strong it shakes their confidence down to the very core. Dealing with an athletes all of a sudden won't do a skill they are perfectly capable of doing is one of the most frustrating situations for coaches. You know they can do it perfectly, you know there is nothing to be afraid of, you know you are SPOTTING them, and still they won't go. This article will give you some tools to help you break down the block before the block breaks you down.  ....   (read full article)

Battling the Block: 3 Keys to Breakthrough

More Information


OACC works for youTraining and workshops at your facility

  • Parent training
  • Coaches training           
  • Cheerleader training

Fun Stuff for your gym and for your competitions


Anderson's Spirit

Promote your Gym n Promote your Fun!

Cheer Dance Pom Teams


.GTM Sportswear Contact JACK at GTM 

Fast Delivery, Specialization for you, Great prices on a full line up of Cheer gear! 

From the Coach page..


Coaching/Situational Styles in Leadership  click here

CCE Choreography Services & Choreography Camp


CCE Choreography to help you win!

This Month's Organizational Tip


Create a Workspace for Handling Mail

First point of enforcing order: Manage what you fear. Start by setting the stage.

Designate something as an in-box. It can be a basket, a storage box, a drawer — anything big enough to hold a week’s worth of mail and no more. Find a place for it that’s convenient and not so out of the way that it’s out of sight and mind.

Post a large trash can or recycling bin near the in-box to hold all the junk mail that you’ll be purging. Helpful hint: Pitch junk mail the second you reach your in-box each day. Your ruthlessness will be rewarded with a significantly smaller pile of mail to contend with when you sit down to sift through it.

Decide on a regular time to sort through your in-box. Distribute its contents to the organizational systems you’re about to create….

You might allot a few minutes each day or an hour once a week to handle your mail, whatever works for you. What’s important is that you make it a habit.

National Spirit Expo

Cheer Expo Shares Tips on Facials


Cheer Expo

The Importance of Facial Expressions - Does Enthusiasm and Confidence Projection Really Matter? - Facial Expressions That Fit You

7 Articles to help your team    Cheer Expo's Tips on Facials

Splits, Kicks & Flexibility


Improve your balance while developing flexibility and strength!

">            Elastic Steel

Coach Michael Taylor


From, the gymnastics professional's network.  Consulting and business services. Great articles and tips.

What is USASF?


What's the USASF?
USASF is the U.S. All Star Federation. It's about safety standards. It's about coaches' education. It's about providing a safe environment to allow for the continued growth of all star cheerleading and dance across the country. It's about parents knowing their children are being taught using safe methods that are in accordance with the standard of care. It's about standardization of rules from one competition to the next.
It's about time.
The U.S. All Star Federation is officially organized as a not for profit corporation governed by a Board of Directors. The Board consists of industry leaders from major competition companies and nationally recognized all star program owners. The organization is also comprised of a number of committees, such as Rules; Selection; Membership; and Safety, Education and Ethics, that advise the Board on pertinent issues.

NLCC Nation's Leading Cheer Companies


The NLCC The Nations Leading Cheerleading Companiesis an organization comprised of the Nation's Leading Cheer Companies.  They are the originators that bring you the FINAL DESTINATION - "The World Best"!

The NLCC FINAL DESTINATION was established to recognize teams of all ability levels that have excelled in cheerleading and dance and provide a finale in achieving top honors.   FINAL DESTINATION-The Road Stops Here!

Cheerleading Worlds


United States All Star Federation United States All Star Federation 


Team Identity


Starlet Crush Presents Rhinestone Ruby!Personalized Accessories that Shine!


 From Helpful to Hovering. The parent who micro-manages their child's life has been running a marathon, only to find the finish line moved.  Thank you to all who contributed to the Helicopter Parent article in the Megaphone.  This topic is an ever-evolving issue, good bad and indifferent. Please continue to contribute to this on-going topic, help others deal with these parents, and bring realization to some of our parents (and we all have them). If you would like to write this article, please email the office.  Confidential.

Developing Athletes - IYCA  Improve your athletes Endurance, Agility, Speed, Strength and Fitness.

Libel vs. Slander


Gossip or Slander? Slander or Libel? It's dangerous, to you, to your team and to your organization.  With the advent of multiple copy emails, social networking sites like facebook, myspace and personal websites, you need to direct your coaches, your employees and your cheerleaders about the legal ramifications of talking about others. You are the leader. You must direct the behavior and set the standards of conflict resolutions, grudges and disputes amongst your organization. Follow the link to find out more.

Slander or Libel

You write the article ...


The Megaphone Newsletter will be featuring articles

  1. Coaching with your Spouse
  2. Coaching Your own Child
  3. What was your competition year like?

If you would like to write an article for the newsletter or the website, please contact the OACC office

Economic Slowdown


Gyms and dance studios around the state are feeling the economic crunch.  Large and small, old and new, most everyone is seeing a slowdown of enrollment this season. Although you must always stay sharp and on your game with your facility, staff and services, here are a few ideas to utilize your existing staff and facility with minimal outlay.  Bring new and exciting ideas and programs to your business. 

  1. Rent Floor or gym space to local youth leagues or school teams.
  2. Offer discounted and more frequent "Open Gym" times.
  3. Put yourself out to hire with your choreography skills.
  4. Host Birthday parties.
  5. Host Youth League banquets.
  6. Evaluate your food/snack selections to avoid pilferage.
  7. Host Holiday specials or Holiday clinics.

Play and Cheer For The Kids


Read Play and Cheer with Little CaesarTo see what we do for the kids please visit

  • We area non-profit group that provides FREE books to at risk children in Child Care Centers across the country.    
  • We work with Football and Cheer teams as well as leagues with our Little Caesars Pizza Kit and Cookie Dough Fund Raisers.   
  • Your TEAM/LEAGUE will make a good profit and we get new books for the children, sometimes the very first book they get to keep!    
  • By working with us your PROFIT will never be compromised.  

Hosting Camp at Your Facility


Summer brings fun, sun… and Camp. Camp is the perfect opportunity for you to promote your gym and hopefully gain more potential cheerleaders for next season.

But it is not a give-away, it must be approached as a business in order to achieve your goals and the goals of the cheerleaders and their families. Cheer camp requires a business plan--a written document that outlines the who, where, how, and why of the camp.

Are there too many camps? No- parents send their children to cheer camp for a number of reasons. If your offering is right for your market, including price, product and presentation you will have a successful event.

Your "Open to the Public" Cheer Campers are usually familiar with the way that camps operate, via their experience as campers, counselors, volunteers or parents.

Hosting Cheer Camp



With your cheerleaders who belong to scholastic teams, homecoming is a HUGE event. Get involved. Homecomings are intended for community spirit, alumni, new and old traditions.  Promote yourself, your gym or your coaches. Get out there.

Merging with another gym


When two companies come together through a merger, they enter a new world. Every year hundreds of cheer gyms, dance studios and fitness centers, large and small join forces either by merger or acquisition, hoping for greater accomplishments. Here are just 5 questions that an OACC Consultant may ask you during the pre-merger, merger and post-merger process:

  1. Does the other party bring something unique to the deal?
  2. Is there good operating synergy between the parties?
  3. Are you committed to sharing capital, personnel, markets and technologies?
  4. Do you each have a clear vision of the newly formed organization?
  5. Can senior managers subordinate their egos for the good of the company?

Other starting considerations:

  • The challenge of company name changes
  • Preserving Brand identity after a merger
  • Valuing and combining your intangible assets
  • Retaining your human resources
  • Merging management teams
  • Financial consolidation

Mergers & Acquisitions


(M&A) and corporate restructuring has dramatically increased due to the downturn in our economy.  You have a multiple of reliable options to investigate if a merger or acquisition is right for you.

Our own OACC secretary, Vickie Kania, has worked with companies, large and small to find the best way to expand their ownership boundries. Mergers should create synergies and economies of scale,expand operations and cut costs. A merger is when two companies decide to combine into one entity or when one company buys another. An acquisition always involves the purchase of one company by another. Vickie Kania also a Guest Teacher for courses in Entrepreneurship at the Medina County Career Center, works with business owners and prospective owners to build their wide range of interdisciplinary skills that give them maximum flexibility and preparation for the future. Whether considering starting an enterprise or just wanting to be an outstanding owner, you can learn how to recognize opportunity, harness the resources to exploit that opportunity, exercise your creativity, create sustainable solutions, take the inherent risks, and participate in the rewards.

The Art of M&A Integration Since 1997, the number-one resource
for professionals in search of practical solutions to the integration issues that can make or break a merger has been "The Art of M&A Integration," .

"How can we avoid losing key employees? Which financial statements may be consolidated following a merger or acquisition? How can we preserve brand identity during the integration process? What's the best way to merge management structures? What are the biggest challenges to IT integration? How can we retain loyal customers following a merger?,"  Alexandra Reed Lajoux's classic guide provides complete, straightforward answers to these and every other common post-merger integration question. It advises you on how, and just as importantly, "when" to manage every contingency. It shows you how to develop a detailed post-merger integration plan, and arms you with checklists, calendars and
flow charts.

ACG and ACG Cleveland

The Association for Corporate Growth (ACG) is the global community for middle market M&A dealmakers and business leaders focused on driving growth. ACG members have access to data, content and networking tools to find the opportunities, capital and knowledge needed to facilitate and sustain corporate growth. Founded in 1954, ACG has grown to more than 12,000 members organized in 54 chapters throughout North America, Europe and Asia.

Here in Ohio, ACG Cleveland has more than 430 members and is the fifth largest ACG chapter in the country. The chapter celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2006.


August 24, 2009-  Dallas, Tx.-A new organization was formed in Dallas, Texas recently; the Independent Event Producers (IEP) is committed to bringing a collective voice of the independently owned event producers to the cheer and dance industry.

Part of the organization’s strategy will be to develop new cross marketing ideas and generate greater awareness of the “independents”. These individual companies are committed to their own customers, unique in their identities, united in their goals and equivalent in their voices.

“The independent sector is the largest portion of our industry and the time has come for us to join forces to positively influence the cheer and dance community. Independent companies bring unique qualities and customer incentives to events all across the country”, says Colleen Little of Cheer America Championships, an IEP Spokesperson and Founding Member.

Look for the IEP Logo