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5 ounces!  These Hart and Sole Shoes are for All Squads!Welcome to Hart And Sole Cheer Shoes! 

OACC is proud to announce HartAndSole as a 2013 Sponsor!!


             Desire - is a shoe that does it all - jumps, tumbling, and stunting. It is specially designed for Spring floor, high school cheer Mats, and Gameday

             sideline cheering - field or court.          

Season End Banquets

Fun, cherished ideas to send accolades, boast your accomplishments,

work on your struggles and build strength and exposure for your organization.


March is truly a month of madness for cheer coaches. We are looking at this season end and the start of a new season coming.  Be Prepared, connected and in the know.

Policies and Procedures

Set your policies and procedures for the new year - Now.
Use your evaluation sheets from your cheerleaders,
your parents and your director/owner as a guide.

Keep traditions, add progressive ideas.
Offset any problems or concerns before you get started.

Try Outs
A new year is just around the corner.
Get your tryout procedures updated and air-tight.


National Athletic Trainers Month

Be sure to thank your trainer and those who assist you with safety, conditioning and pre practice/game warmups and excercises.
The Newest "Gotta Have" Hart and Sole Cheer Shoes
From Ohio Native  Trisha Hart!
Competition Season
Many of our Ohio All-Star teams are in the heat of competing for the US Finals and the The Worlds Competitions.

Ohio has a reputation as tough cheer competitors.

Good Luck to All our Ohio Teams!
Recreational Teams
Subscribe to a new Magazine just for you!
This new magazine is geared solely at Rec Cheer Coaches and teams,
Rec Cheer Directors, Parents and your Rec Cheerleaders!!

Upward Basketball Leagues have now added cheer. Find the i9, PopWarner and City Leagues Cheer team near you. Looking for qualified coaches and starting new teams.

2013-2014 Budget

To stay healthy, you must stop to truly write out your budget; Income and Expenses.
Be realistic, expect the unexpected and use creative fundraising ideas to help your cheerleaders offset their costs

Raising Money

Sponsor Hart and Sole ----  Desire Cheer Shoes! From Ohio!
   Designed by a cheerleader for the cheerleader by Ohio native - Trisha Hart.  Easy to wash, breathable and comfortable.  Designed for durability and support. The arch support is removable. They weigh 5ounces!
 Trisha cheered and danced as a youth and scholastic cheerleader in East/Central Ohio. She is a proud cheer alum of OSU, former head coach at Ohio Dominican. She is a former instructor for Carol Ault's Dance Factory.  She travels extensively, teaching, choreographing and judging. Trisha is a successful gym owner of AllStar and Elite cheer teams in Ashburn and Manassas, Virginia.
             We recommend and support Hart And Sole Cheer Shoes. Call or order on-line. Desire will soon be available through your favorite catalog retailer and retail stores.
             To order the right equipment for your team call:  1-855-66-CHEER

With Deepest Sympathy  Joey Delaney           We suffer a great loss in losing our friend and associate Joey Delaney.

Joey was a passionate, progressive member of the OACC. Joey was a member of our Collegiate Committee, an OACC Conference Speaker and chosen by the NFHS Spirit Director as 1 of the 2 Ohio Scholastic liasons. Joey was an Ohio NFHS Rules Interpreter for the OACC. We will miss his smile, his spirit, his creativity and his motivation.

Joey was a proud and loyal alumni of The Ohio State University as well as founder and Head Coach of the Ohio State Competitive Club All Girl Team.

Joey was instrumental in the formulation of the NCATA (Natl Collegiate Acrobatics & Tumbling Assoc). Joey worked with national Youth Football and Cheer organizations to train for character and skills and to help set standardized policies.

Joey will be missed by the Nation as wells as Ohio. He was selfless in giving to all levels of cheer, all in the name of progressive, safe and fun cheerleading.

Good Luck Joannie and John

Board Vice President, Joannie Neff has taken an immediate job relocation to North Carolina. Joannie has been instrumental in organization of clinics and conferences and OACC marketing. As a former Ohio cheerleader herself, she has coached a youth League and supported the efforts of her scholastic and all-star organizations. Joannie was a member of the Character Committee and the Conference Committee. John Neff (semi-professional baseball) served on the Safety Committee and provided insights and alliances for sports injuries and injury prevention. Good Luck to John and Joannie - we'll miss you!

ANNOUNCEMENT - Nomination OACC Vice President

Ohio Association of Cheerleading Coaches (OACC) is an Ohio, non-profit
corporation. About OACC. The OACC has always enjoyed the diversity of our Board promoting each level of Cheer (Rec,Scholastic, AllStar and Collegiate).  Nominations are now open for a 2nd Vice-President.  We are looking forward to VP-Elect playing a key role next year in connecting coaches to the right services to help deal with the athlete, the protocols, and the changes we all face.

Please submit your nomination on line or call the office for more detail.

New  Districts

With Cheerleading being one of the nation's fastest growing sports, Ohio is fortunate to be in one of the top 5 cheerleading pockets of the United
States.  The OACC is responding to our growth and is doubling the size of our districts.  The OACC currently has 18 districts. We are expanding
our districts to 30 or more to better communicate with all our Ohio teams. If you would like to become a District Rep for your area, please
OACC Secretary  More on our Reps &/or Committee Involvement:   Districts

Dr. Pamela Enders, Sports Psychologist

Dr. Pamela Enders, a sports performance psychologist and OACC's previous keynote speaker, teams up with Debbie Love to help the athletes and our coaches overcome tumbling mental blocks.   

Guide to Unlocking the Bloc

Cheerleading Worlds presented by USASF

Great Job to all Ohio's Cheer and Dance teams who competed at Worlds!! Ohio was well represented!

US FINALS - The Final Destination   US FINALS - Go Ohio

The Road to US Finals - The Final Destination    OUTSTANDING OHIO!!!

COA Founder and President retiring - see COA Rebuilt

Best Wishes to Steve Wedge, COA Founder
President and CEO of Cheerleaders of America (COA) has announced his retirement.  Steve retired on May 31, 2011 which nearly benchmarked the 25th anniversary of COA.  Thank you Steve! and Best Wishes!


Cheerleaders in the Top Ten Again!

National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS), participation for the school year reached a record-breaking total of 7,628,377 participants, according to the High School Athletics Participation Survey conducted by the NFHS.   Boys and girls participation figures also reached respective all-time highs with 4,455,740 boys and 3,172,637 girls participating in 2009-10. Boys participation increased by 33,078 this year, while the girls figure increased by 58,546.

CHEERLEADING ranks in the top 10 in the Most Popular Girls Scholastic Sports Programs in the number of participants and in the number of schools.

OHSAA Ohio High Schools Athletic Association

New  The OHSAA Middle School Committee has completed and released a brochure entitled "Guide to
Participation in 7th and 8th Grade Athletics." This guide will be mailed to middle school principals and athletic directors, as well as high school athletic directors. It should be reviewed with and disseminated to students, parents and administrators who are involved with middle school athletics.

Elizabeth Rosetti, President Americheer

SITA - New Board Members   Congratulations to two Ohioans! 

Margie Willis (formerly of COA) has been named Executive Director for SITA, Spirit Industry Trade Association.

  Newly elected Treasurer, Elizabeth Rosetti, President and Founder of AmeriCheer will serve a 3 year term ending 2013. Liz is also a founding member of NLCC (Nation's Leading Cheer Companies). 

    Congratulations Liz!     

USAG Sanctions NCATA as a Sport

USA Gymnastics and the National Collegiate Acrobatics and Tumbling Association (NCATA), formerly known as the National Collegiate Stunts and Tumbling Association,

announced that USA Gymnastics will sanction NACATA events.

NCATA has the goal of establishing itself as a sport within the NCAA framework.full press release.  


Spirit Rules Book  2010-2011 <br>Now Available - Order Now!NFHS Spirit Rules Books Now Available.     Order Now   $10 includes shipping   Paypal, Credit Card or Check

New Rules Interpreters
NFHS trained 9 Spirit Rules Interpreters for Ohio. For training, knowledge and clarification, schedule a Rules Meeting for your area. 
Don't start your year without knowing the rules.  Athletic Directors, Coaches, Assistants and Captains.


The USA Federation for Sport Cheering try-outs for the two national cheer teams to represent the United States of America in the International Cheer Union World Championship is underway.

More Than 1 Team and Crossovers
As we see more of our allstar kids as crossovers, you as a coach need to be aware of Repetitive Stress Injury. There are more than 100 different kinds of injuries and illnesses resulting from repetitive wear and tear on the body. Repetitive stress injuries (RSIs) are injuries that happen when too much stress is placed on a part of the body, resulting in inflammation (pain and swelling), muscle strain, or tissue damage. This stress generally occurs from repeating the same movements over and over again. Enforce Proper warm up, then proper stretching and proper cool down.  For more information on RSI visit a member of our Advisory Panel Kids Health

Youth Cheer

For so many, cheerleading started with PeeWee football.  Our Youth Football and Cheer Leagues are growing at the fastest rate ever. New Coaches, Advisors and Volunteer parents are using their membership with the OACC to build solid programs, good kids and great athletes. Use your membership to get stable and progressive. OACC Membership.

Partnership Formed

The OACC is pleased to announce their partnership with the NW Ohio Coaches Group. Working together for years, the two organizations have united as one.

Welcome to all our NorthWest Ohio Coaches.


   The US Finals    Nearly 30 Event Qualifiers in Ohio September through March

USASF     Rules United States All Star Federation
See Coaches page for 2013-2015 Updated Rules and Changes.

Injury Prevention Programs

Our friends at The Nationwide Children’s Hospital Sports Medicine Injury Prevention Department have developed Programs designed to keep young athletes healthy and playing the sports they love. These comprehensive programs are tailored to your athlete’s age, sport and developmental level. All Injury Prevention Programs focus on the keys to injury prevention for all athletes: flexibility, strength, balance, agility, core stability, coordination and body control through functional movements.

The staff of Nationwide Children’s Sports Medicine are trained experts in the unique needs of student athletes — from little league to college-level play. In addition to physicians trained in sports medicine for young athletes, the Nationwide Children’s Sports Medicine staff includes athletic trainers who are dually credentialed as Certified Athletic Trainers and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists. This experience is vital for knowing how to help your student athlete’s body adapt to the stresses placed upon it — safely.      For additional information,  please call:  Kerry Waple, Senior Athletic Trainer, at (614) 355-6013

Visit The Camp and Competition Hosts that made the past State Cheerleading Coaches Conference a Success!
The OACC has formulated the first-of its-kind PAY TO PARTICIPATE SCHOLARSHIPS
The scholarships were awarded to school age cheerleaders, to help pay for their participation at their Youth League, Junior High, All-Star Team, High School or College.

The following schools were represented:       Bishop Mussio Central Jr High     All American Cheer Force   Medina Sr High School     Steubenville Catholic Central – Jr. Crusaders    Highland High School, Marengo, OH      MT Vernon Nazarene University     American Elite All Stars   

Help us get started ....   OACC on Facebook  OACC OHCheerCoaches


Women's Sports Foundation Report   Part II

The initial report from The Women's Sports Foundation was researched and published in 2004. Once again they are pleased to publish the report and share this important research with all updates and executive report - this is a clear reminder of how critical sports and physical activity aare for the lifelong health and well being of girls and women.

In 2004, the Foundation published the first "Her Life Depends On It" report, which examined thousands of studies on women’s athletics and health.  This information, in part, shaped our strategy for our signature program GoGirlGo! that today has impacted nearly 1 million girls and reached more than 14,000 girl serving organizations.  Our follow up report, part II, released in December 2009, includes hundreds of new studies and draws critical conclusions that further emphasize the vital role that sports play in the physical and social health of girls and women.

As a valued supporter of the Women’s Sports Foundation, we understand the benefits of being active and have made a commitment to living a healthier life through sports and physical activity.  With this in mind, I
encourage you to revisit the important facts and data cited in our NEW report and to share this report with a friend, a neighbor, a school board or park district member or a media representative in your community.  Continuing to spread the word and the evidence of why sports matter for girls and women is just as important today as it has always been.




The leading organizations for cheerleading safety education and training have merged. The American Association of Cheerleading Coaches and Administrators (AACCA) and the National Council for Spirit Safety Education (NCSSE) are pleased to announce the merger effective Jan. 12.

There are more than 70,000 cheerleading coaches across the United States working with youth, junior high, high school, all star and college cheerleaders. The shared mission of these two nonprofits is to provide educational resources and training opportunities to these coaches, as well as school administrators, coaches and the cheerleaders themselves.   Full Announcement 

NFHSNFHS SPIRIT RULE CHANGES   FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  -  Four Spirit Rules Changes Stress Risk Minimization
INDIANAPOLIS, IN (February 10, 2009) - Four rules changes that address minimizing risk to participants were approved by the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) Spirit Rules Committee at its January 11-12 meeting in Indianapolis. These revisions were subsequently approved by the NFHS Board of Directors.    Rule Changes 2009-2010 Also - In addition to the four rules changes, the committee adopted four points of emphasis for the upcoming season. The topics for next year are 1. Event Security    2.  Spring floors    3. Coaches' responsibility     4. Rules committee's responsibility

Please send your opinions, comments, concerns and/or experiences on these 4 topics to the OACC Office . Your Opinion counts.       

HIGH SCHOOL RULES INTERPRETATION MEETINGS - 2012-2013 Changes Released - See Coaches page

NEW~ Entirely Cheer  OnLine Magazine Entirely Cheer--New Digital Magazine for the Spirit Industry    See Entire Press Release

The OACC is in the Inaugural Edition!

Cheer E-magazine Covering News for the Cincy area and beyond.  CheerCincy News!Share news with our neighbors in Kentucky and Indiana

Alternating exercise is a great way to train effectively. Not only do you develop overall muscle conditioning,
but you allow muscles to rest and recover without losing your fitness and get a mental boost from alternating activities. Cheerleaders need pre-season conditioning for endurance, strength, flexibility and for range of motion. Keep in mind your athletes condition at different rates.  Keep them hydrated as they acclimate. Competition season is upon us.

Tip:  Rethink - your organization --- How Well does your setting encourage your staff to utilize their skills and promote your program?

Whether you hold your staff/coaches meetings quarterly, monthly or weekly, it is imperative that you do hold regular meetings. Your meetings should be efficient and productive.  Read the full article on the Directors Page.

NFHS Certified Accredited Training Course  NFHS Fundamentals of Coaching Course Now available On-Line.  Required for all Junior High/High School and Middle School Spirit Coaches. Strongly recommended for Youth/Rec Coaches and Collegiate Coaches.    Start the Course Now

OACC  2010-2011 SPONSOR

Season Sponsor and Uniform Supplier to the NFL
Cheerleaders and Dance teams and You! 

Schools, Gyms and Rec Leagues--   National Child Identification Program   From our Friends at the National Council of Youth Sports:

*The FBI is asking that all cheer teams have their fingerprints recorded for safety.     *450,000 children run away each year     *More than 58,000 children are abducted every year by non-family members       *300,000 children are abducted each year by family members.
National Council of Youth Sports
 We all know that cheerleading is one of the fastest growing youth sports in the world.  Check out the NCYS 2008 Market research Survey and results.  Trends and participation in Youth Sports  

US Finals - The Final DestinationFinal Destination Growing - Name change - Look for the U.S. Finals

Press Release -  It's Final!...  The Jam Brands Partners with NLCC!   What happens when you take a nearly 550 team event produced and directed by four solid event producers and then add seven more top-notch event producers and a hot, national, mulit-brand powerhouse into the mix?    Read more - U.S. Finals, The Final Destination

Each team must earn a bid to compete at The U.S. Finals.  Bids can be earned by attending one of nearly 200 events across the state and the country. 
Once you have qualified, teams can select any of the four locations of The U.S. Finals for their shot at a TRUE U.S. Champion title.  The event you choose is up to YOU…pick the city, venue and date that YOU like the best!   All-Star, High Schhol, Middle School and Rec/Youth Teams

OHSAAThe Ohio High School Athletic Association Amendments.  If your school is a member of the OHSAA, see the Directors Page for 2 new Amendments to their By-Laws.       

More bids available to US Finals/Final Destination and Cheer Worlds
Jam Brands  Jam Brands Joins NLCC at Final Destination    Full Press Release                AMERICHEER!  Americheer at Worlds  World Bids at the Buckeye Open Championship            

Court Holds That High School Cheerleading Is A Contact Sport 

 Providing Immunity For Teammate And School District - cheerleading is a contact sport

TIP from OACC: Your Coaching Staff - Seasonal or permanent, Here's a good tip from our friends at Character Counts!   "In looking for people to hire, look for three qualities: integrity, intelligence and energy.   It's easier to train a person of good character to do a job well than it is to develop character in a skilled but unprincipled employee. If you have to choose, hire for character and train for skills.

Background Screening Service    Background Screening

Directors: contact the OACC for information on Coaches evaluation, hiring practices, cheerleading philosophies, conferences, safety training, setting your budget, competitions  and more ....   Please have a member of the Education Committee contact me


Bullying, Excluding form activity, Social-Emotional Intelligence By Coaches, Cheerleaders and Peers!

    This will be the first of two parts, exploring the connections between social awareness and bullying / exclusion. The purpose of this first part is to call out the issue in the larger scope of the lives of children / teens. The second part will explore some ways those of us who work with children can attempt to change the landscape as it currently exists. Link to parents page

ONN logo.JPG

    OhioNewsNow         Top Ohio Headlines

  • Ohio University officials are scratching their heads over another computer security breach...

  • Doctors Baffled By Cheerleader rash ...

  • Threats Complain about OSU Cheerleaders...

  • Cheerleaders Shatter Stereotypes ...

  • School raising Funds to Keep Programs ... Cheerleading

Student Coaches


Thank you to all the student coaches volunteering their time to teach the youth cheers, chants, technique and mostly what it means to be a leader of character. Don't forget to fill out forms and get community service points for your transcripts for all your hard work!

New USASF Division is here!


United States All Star FederationThroughout the Summer the USASF has conducted and is continuing to conduct regional meetings throughout the country. One of the common themes has been the loss of students due to the inability to tumble at the same competitive level which an athlete can stunt. Many coaches are frustrated with the feeling that tumbling is dominating the Cheer industry when it is actually stunts and pyramids that set our activity apart from others.  A suggestion from the New York meeting was the development of the 4.2 Level. This will allow athletes who have limited tumbling ability but with higher stunting ability the freedom of moving beyond the level 2.    More on the Coaches Page

Introducing Level 4.2

Standing and Running Tumbling will use Level 2 Rules.
All other skill sets will use Level 4 Rules.

This new 4.2 Level will be a test for this year. The success of this division will help determine the direction in the future.


Division III Championships Committee proposes single-sport conference waiver process


   The Division III Championships Committee is recommending a waiver process that would permit it to treat currently existing single-sport conferences similarly to multi-sport conferences for championships purposes.

The proposed waiver process also would give the committee latitude to recognize single-sport conferences in sports with low division-wide sponsorship, those formed by geographically isolated institutions, and those sponsoring competition in emerging sports.       NCAA D3 Championship Proposal

NFHS logo.bmp

INDIANAPOLIS, IN (February 8, 2008) - Five revisions related to flyers and transitional stunts were among the changes approved by the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) Spirit Rules Committee at its January 6-8 meeting in Indianapolis. These revisions were subsequently approved by the NFHS Board of Directors.   Rules Revisions Effective 2008 - 2009   

Effective 2008-2009 Season     New Spirit Rules Changes Address Risk Minimization  

INDIANAPOLIS, IN (2/1/2007) -- In its ongoing focus on minimizing risk of injury of high school spirit participants, the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) Spirit Rules Committee adopted several rules changes during the group's annual meeting in Indianapolis.

The six rules changes made by the Spirit Rules Committee subsequently were approved by the NFHS Board of Directors.  Rule Changes Effective 2007-2008

Four New Standing Sub-Committees


As you have requested, the OACC is formulating Standing Sub-Committees, Level Specific.

  1. High School, Jr. High, Middle School, Scholastic
  2. Recreation & Youth Leagues and Teams
  3. Collegiate
  4. All Stars & Elite

If you are interested in joining your team of Officers for your division Board click here.  As Committee Board Chairs and Co-Chairs you will provide a leadership role for your individual committee.  You will act as a liason to to the other OACC Committees and as an officer to the Board of Directors.

  • Identify and share issues concerning your level coaches, teams and cheerleaders.
  • Assist with OACC strategic planning.



    No Courses scheduled at the current time.

Membership Renewal


Easy on line.  Remember, your $30 dues are fully tax deductible, as the OACC is an Ohio non-profit corportation.

NLCC Final Destination to Add Youth, Rec and Pop Warner


May 2 - 4  Virgina Beach    The World's Best!  


  • Loudonville High School
  • Cheer World - Broadview Heights
  • Bolts - North Ridgeville
  • Gotta Flip - Colus
  • CA Stars - Mt. Vernon
  • Ohio Cheer Force - Colus
  • Tumble World - Chesapeake
  • Rock Solid - Colus
  • Cheer Starz - Toledo
  • The Cheer Zone - Sidney


NLCC Final Destination to Add Youth, Rec and Pop Warner


For the first time in cheer and dance history, recreation, youth and Pop Warner teams have the opportunity to compete for the title of World's Best! Join hundreds of rec teams from around the world at Final Destination - The World's Best - it is a one-of-a-kind event!

In the past, this TELEVISED event has only been open to all star cheer and dance teams. For the first time in 2008, there will be a Youth/Rec Final Destination - The World's Best! Teams must qualify at special events held throughout the United States by the NLCC (Nation's Leading Cheer Companies). The following companies host qualifying events: American Cheer and Dance, American Cheerpower, AmeriCheer, Eastern Cheer and Dance, Spirit Unlimited, CheerNation, and Diamond Elite.

For more info on this fabulous event, visit our website at!                                


Special Needs Teams


Get more info on Special Needs Teams on the OACC Parents Page.  Thank you to all the coaches that teach and train our special needs cheerleaders and teams. See a special report on all you do in the Winter 08 Megaphone Newsletter.

Workshop at Your facility



Plans are currently being formulated for clinics, workshops and conferences in all 8 districts.

 Building your program  Certifications  
 Region/Conference Specific  All levels
 Athletic Directors  New gym start-up
 Mid season Fuzzy Focus  New Coaches
 Custom Tailored  Contact:     


New Partnership Announced


 CCE and Event Makers

Discipline or Punishment


Know the difference Between Discipline and Punishment. Although coaches may use those terms interchangeably, they mean quite different things.

Discipline is the process of teaching the difference between acceptable and unacceptable behavior. Good discipline should be a positive force focusing on what is allowable. Positive guidance encourages a child to think before she acts. The goal of discipline is to change impulsive, random behavior into controlled, purposeful behavior. A cheerleader is a role model and must learn appropriate life skills. Discipline should be reinforced by teaching with firmness, and reminders.

Punishment is to inhibit unacceptable behavior. It may be physical– or psychological. Push ups, running laps, demerits, verbal reprimand, withdraw from game or privilege. The goal of punishment is to teach the cheerleader how to be accountable for their own behavior in order to be self-disciplined individuals. See the Coaches Webpages for more.


Certifications and trainings No classes scheduled for December 2009. Call or write if you need training in December. 

Welcome New Members!



Ohio OACCIt's fun, exciting and challenging every time we start a new season. You all contribute to the success of our kids and improve each other as coaches.   It gives us great satisfaction to be able to help overcome the obstacles we face and gloat in your success!  Keep planning, creating, practicing and working hard to make for a successful season. 

Go Coaches Go!

-- Steve



Congratulations to OASSA teams!


OASSA  Cheer OhioCONGRATULATIONS From Lenee, JoAnne and everyone at Cheer Ohio!













Camp Fun, Team Spirit, Fundraisers


Anderson's Spirit

Welcome Molly


Please Welcome Molly Hemmelgarn as the new Ohio & Michigan Rep for Cheer Champion Express!  Molly also owns camp and choreography company Ultimate Cheer Experience.  She has over 25 years of gymnastics and cheerleading experience. She has a bachelor degree in business management and has created and directed multiple gymnastics and cheerleading programs. Her experience includes; Cheerleader for the University of Louisville, Cheerleading Director, Gymnastics Director, all-star cheerleader, and high school cheerleader. Cheerleading and gymnastics are her greatest passion!  Call her at 813-453-3408 or email Molly.

After Spending 30 Minutes


with Andrew Winkler, BA, CSCS you can't wait to keep conditioning and working on your fitness program.  Andrew has a way of getting you excited to learn methods of injury prevention and pumps you up to be conditioned for the next level.

As an athletic performance specialist, Andrew understands the demands a cheerleader's body endures. He will get you mentally and physically prepared.

Welcome to Andrew as an OACC Member at large, OACC Advisor and watch for his articles with injury prevention tips to help you.Andrew Winkler, Top Performance Inc.

Andrew is available to your team whether it's teaching proper warm-up and stretching to increase your vertical jump or prepare you for the endurance of a 3 hour football game or whether you are an all-star team striving to become elite!  or call  330-421-3258.

The OACC is proud to be on the Committee for Youth Sports for the Ohio Parks and Recreation Association.

We look forward to working toward common goals with The Girls Institute of Ohio

and their Director, Michelle Park. The Girls Institute is an Outreach Program for the (OPRA) Ohio Parks & Recreation.  The collaboration of partners at The Girls Institute is working together to develop programs for girls in an effort to get them positive experiences.


NFHS Report Spirit Squads


National Federation Of High SchoolsCompetitive spirit squads/cheerleaders gained the most female participants in High School Sports in 2005-06 with 14,154 participants.  See the NFHS full report on the growth of scholastic cheerleaders.

NFHS Cheer/Girl Sports Survey

Ethics Codes Don't Make People Ethical


Arizona Sports Summit Accord     With a continual parade of scandals, there is talk about codes of ethics.


Competition Season


From the start of this competition season, it’s apparent that our cheerleaders like to do new things and utilize their potential. The Ohio area has outstanding talent! Sometimes this means they will have to be 'stretched' in what they do. As a supportive coach you can grow the skills of your people and have a ready-for-the-next-competition team.    You may think you are working your tail off and you probably are. Try raising the bar just a little bit. Always expect the best from yourself. Do not beat yourself up if you do not always hit 100% but increase your standards, strive for more and repeat your original goals.

Different people have different skills: Use your team member’s complementary skills, you can assign tasks based on the members' specializations, and have a guaranteed faster and better result.

• Make sure the team goals and the expected time frame of the team's performance are clear.
• Have everyone be aware of his or her specific tasks. .
• Keep practice well structured, interesting, and productive.
• Create room for feedback from the team members. .
• Attract members with complementary skills, but at the same time, with matching or workable personalities and a good work attitude. .
• Give members recognition for their achievements.

I’ve used these famous quotes with my own team ---

"Stop worrying about the potholes in the road and celebrate the journey!" ~ Barbara Hoffman

"The way a team plays as a whole determines its success. You may have the greatest bunch of individual stars in the world, but if they don't play together, the club won't be worth a dime" ~Babe Ruth.

We are off to a great competition season! Great Job teams!

- John


Want a Free, Customized Report on Your Students’ Values, Attitudes, and Behaviors?

Every two years, Josephson Institute (Character Counts!) conducts a comprehensive survey of high school youth across the country. Called the Report Card on the Ethics of American Youth, it’s a great opportunity to find out your students’ self-reported values, attitudes, and ethics-based behaviors. Our last survey in 2006 included 35,000 students across the nation.

We’re now signing up high schools for our 2008 survey. Just for having your students fill it out, you will receive a comprehensive and confidential report of your students’ results side-by-side with the national figures so you can see how your kids measure up. It’s free, takes 20 minutes, and we even provide prepaid mailing labels. Sign Up Now

Under $5.00


.  Informative, Uplifting & Resourceful

Order on the Reference Materials & Booklets Page



Nominations are now being accepted for the National Council of Youth Sports

Click here for Official Rules and Nomination Forms     Hershey's STRIVE Awards!


These highly regarded youth sports industry annual awards recognize coaches, administrators, officials and volunteers from hometown communities through the United States who through their actions and professionalism have demonstrated to young people that Sports Teach Respect, Initiative, Values and Excellence!

Nominating is easy as 1-2-3.

Simply fill out the quick one-page nomination form and write a one page testimonial.
There are four award categories:

Volunteer of the Year

Coach or Official of the Year

Local Youth Sports Administrator of the Year
National Youth Sports Administrator of the Year

Conflict Resolution


Request your free fax copy of the 12 Points of Conflict Resolution Skills.

Turn every dispute a win-win for all. Gain 12 basic skills which may be relevant to solving any conflict.

Win or Lose


A great resource for Parents of athletes growing in their sport and for

Coaches who need a source to learn to work with and understand parents.

The booklet is available from our friends at the National Council of Youth Sports.

Quantity prices are available for coaches and leagues. Single price $6.00



Coaches - Directors:   Stay active with your teams and your staff.  Communication 101

Great Article  "Communication 101"  for Athletic Directors  from our friends at Scholastic Coach magazine

Keep your athletes hydrated


Water. It's so easily taken for granted.   Water is an essential nutrient and water deprivation kills faster than the lack of any other nutrient.

The average adult needs between eight to 12 cups of water daily.  The Ohio Heat is upon us.  Your body's cooling mechanism has problems keeping the body cool because sweat doesn't evaporate in hot and humid conditions.
As you exercise,  you have to be alert to the warning signals before being overheated turns into something more serious, like heat exhaustion or heat stroke.   Even mild dehydration can take its toll.
 Order your private label water now. Quantities large or small. Great fundraising idea.    Govt Reports on Heat Risks

Ohio State All Girls Team


Stunt Clinics, Choreography Services ... Contact the Ohio State All Girl Team

The Ohio State All Girl Cheer Team
1879 Langham Dr.
Columbus, OH 43221
(614) 607 5556               OSU All Girl Team Coach



GREAT PRICE!    $3.50    +$2.50 shipping/handling 

A must for every coach       Order Now

Congratulations Zippy, the University of Akron Mascot - 2 Ohio Winners 2008


Sports Illustrated On CampusMore Info Sports Illustrated On Campus  or contact  Andy at SI




Spirit Ideas, Coaching Tips, Stunting information and a on-line store!!


Thank You to Jim Lord & AACCA


Important  See Release (4/07) from Jim Lord, Executive Director of American Association of Cheerleading Coaches and Administrators

AACCA Safety report      AACCA Safety Report Table


Your Music can MAKE or BREAK your Performance


Whether you are looking for a cheer mix to match your routine, or you would like to choreograph your routine to the music, we have you covered! Let Custom Cheer Mix go to work for you in creating the ultimate cheer or dance mix for your competitive squad!   CCM Custom Cheer Mix

Children's Cheer Classic


The Annual Children’s Cheer Classic - Cheer & Dance Event was held in Akron in January. This Event is more than just a team cheer competition.         This is a charitable event that benefits the “Reach out and Read” programs at Akron Children’s Hospital. The event has raised $4,300.00 for "Reach out & Read". Thanks to the sponsors, competitors, parents, and many volunteers we were thrilled to contribute 7,800 books and $15,000 to Akron Children's Hospital.    Contact American Elite to Register...   American Elite All-Stars the CCC is scheduled again for January - watch for date and location - you don't want to miss this one!



Coming soon ..


Watch for Cheerleading  Safety & Injury Prevention 

Safety and Injury Prevention

Thank You to Sarah at the Ohio Children's Hospital Association and all our Children's Facilities and Physician Associates, Affiliates and Partners for insight, articles, reviews, links and information to help keep you educated on the health and safety of your young athletes!  Visit their facilities for Sports Physicals, Injury Prevention Techniques, Growing Mind & Body Issues, Injury Rehabilitation & more..

  • Akron Children's Hospital
  • Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center
  • Rainbow Babies-Cleveland
  • Columbus Children's Hospital
  • The Children's Medical Center, Dayton
  • Toledo Children's Hospital



Competitions click here  


                       Ohio Instructors:

Amy (Barta) Clark   330-482-1655

Heather Kennedy    800-639-7510                    


Developing Athletics - IYCA




  • Cheer and Dance Coaching Principles and Ethics
  • Program Management and Cheer Fundamentals
  • Coaching Stunts and Tumbling I
  • Stunts and Tumbling II

 Scheduled throughout Ohio every month.

Attend classes near you or call to host training at your facility.     Spirit Safety Certification     OACC


No tumbling allowed!


Coaches, Cheerleaders, Parents,

We are responding to the overwhelming emails, webmails and calls to your tumbling concerns.  We understand that some inter-scholastic teams have outright stopped tumbling for the basketball season.  Others are questioning why they could tumble in rec league, but now at a scholastic level tumbling is not allowed.

If you are truly passionate about tumbling the OACC can guide you.  Please know more about your league; is your team under the direction of your Principal, Athletic Director or Rec league.  What Conference does your school belong to - if any?

Is the coach trained in First aid, CPR and General Coaching Principals? Does your school have policies and procedures inplace for cheerleading squads - compete and non-compete?  Is coach trained in cheer sepcific certifications? Do you have and know how to use the proper equipment?

Set yourself a complete and thorough presentation for your administration.  Members contact the OACC.


Action Plan

Guide for the College-Bound Student-Athlete


NCAA College Bound Athlete Guide 

  The most-important NCAA publication designed to help high school athletes

  and their families understand the NCAA rules for becoming a student-athlete in college.

   NCAA College-Bound Student Athlete

Congratulations to Ohio's teams at Final Destination


  • Kings Youth Organization     Mason
  • Cheer World      Broadview Hts
  • Gotta Flip       Columbus
  • Ohio Cheer Force      Columbus
  • Findlay High School     Findlay
  • North Coast All Stars         Bay Village
  • Ohio Cheer Force Junior Divas Columbus
  • Harmony Community School      Cincy         C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S   !!!
  • Buckeye Trail High School    Old Washington
  • Bolts All Stars     North Ridgeville
  • Loudonville High School Dance team      Loudonville
  • Ohio Star Power        Orville
  • Ohio Explosion     Brunswick
  • Pride Athletics     Loveland
  • CIA Agents         Milford
  • CA Stars   Mt Vernon
  • Twister All Stars    Washington
  • Tumble World    Chesapeake
  • Shining Star Studio    Wees
  • Mystical Illusion            Cleve
  • Matrix All Stars    Columbus
  • Marietta Collge Drill/Dance             Marietta
  • Mansfield Mavericks        Mansfield
  • Milford Varsity Dance              Milford
  • Spectrum All Stars            Washington Courthouse
  • Edge All Stars   St Clairesville
  • Mystical Dancers    Springboror

Cheering in Malaysia


What an Experience!   Sharing Cheer around the World

NCSSE Ohio Rep/Coach at Mount Vernon, Jill Spearman sharing, teaching, camp and Judging Cheer in Malaysia at Youth 2


More than a game



 The High School SuperBowl! Big 33 Cheerleaders  Ohio versus Pennsylvania

The philosophy is to make sure the PNC Big 33 Football Classic (Ohio vs. Pennsylvania) is much more that just a football game by building activities around the event involving Big 33 players, Big 33 cheerleaders, buddies, host families and scholarship winners.

Approaching its 50th Anniversary, the Big 33 enjoys a rich history both on the football field and off. Since 1985, over $2,463,769 has been raised for academic scholarships. This year, the Big 33 awarded $369,000 in academic scholarships to high school seniors throughout Pennsylvania and Ohio.

All Star Cheerleaders: Cheerleaders are selected from high schools on the basis of ability and spirit. The squad also has a full week of practice and community activities, culminating with a spectacular halftime performance.

Youth Clinics: As a Big 33 cheerleader - you would teach and interact with local youth. Dreams are created.

Coaches & ADs -- The Game is played in JULY at Hersheypark Stadium in Hershey, PA. Scholarship Applications will be available online after November 1.   Please select nominees that exemplify the character of a cheerleader.



Save the Dates:   An invitation from Coach Judy Bunting~  

             Competition  -  Clinics   -  Camps   -   TryOuts
OSU Cheerleaders
St. John Arena       410 Woody Hayes Dr.      Columbus, OH 43210
Phone: (614) 688-3038          OSU Cheerleading


Thanks for making the OACC your own.  Each month we have 70,000 - 95,000 visitors.

Thank you for the emails, webmails and phone calls.  Your input is very valuable.

Cheer Champion Express


CCE CHEER CHAMPION EXPRESS        Registration is Open Now 

Ohio Parks & Rec Assn


Ohio Parks & RecreationNominate Your Team for GoGirlGo! Awards
The Women's Sports Foundation is awarding $50,000 in grants to 20 teams worthy of the foundation's GoGirlGo! Ambassador Team Awards. Teams will provide a VHS, DVD or CD-Rom submission about their community programs aimed at getting girls active. The programs will then be judged.
The GoGirlGo! National Campaign aims to get one million inactive girls to become physically active and keep another million active girls from dropping out of physical activity. Girls who are involved in teams at the school, amateur, community and non-profit levels are all eligible as long as members are enrolled in grades nine through twelve.     Ohio parks and Recreation


Make a Difference Day Ohio
19th Annual Day of Service    October  *

Sponsored by USA Weekend magazine and the Points of Light Foundation. Eight years ago, Ohio adopted this national day of service....and has led the nation ever since in the total number of service projects on that day! Make A Difference Day is the nation's largest day of citizens volunteering to make their communities stronger - a day to lend a helping hand!    Visit the Ohio Community Service Council website at  to register your project and report accomplishments. Or, call 1-888-767-OHIO to be added to the mailing list, order free resources or further information.

CONGRATULATIONS!!! OACC Newly elected Board of Directors members.


President:   Ms. Jamie Bennett - Ohio Valley All-Stars        Vice-President:   Mrs. Kathy Kovacek - Seville Raiders/Lodi Colts/Norwayne Suburban League

Ohio Valley All Stars  Jamie Bennett, a Dynamic Leader      Kathy Kovacek, a Coach of Character


From Book Stipends to Full Ride


Ohio has a college every 30 miles. Scholarship applications are now being accepted for the 2007-2008 school year.  It's nice to see more of our Ohio colleges recognizing the importance of their cheerleaders!

Ohio College Scholarships

Cheer Coach & Advisor magazine


Building Better Cheer Programs.



New Professional Development opportunities

The NFHS is proud to offer two new professional development opportunities in 2007 for interscholastic teacher/coaches and athletic administrators. Designed with and for the teacher/coach, the NFHS Fundamentals of Coaching course focuses on role of the teacher/coach in supporting the educational mission of interscholastic athletics. Through a student-centered approach to instruction, the teacher/coach will learn how to structure an environment that optimizes the physical, social and psychological development of each and every student.

First Aid for Coaches, a component of Sports Safety Traning, is a Web-based course developed by the American Red Cross of Greater Indianapolis and supported by the United States Olympic Committee. The course teaches American Red Cross first aid in the context of sport and the prevention of sport-related injury. The participant will learn about becoming a more responsible coach and safely returning the athlete to play.

As the recognized national authority on interscholastic activity programs, the NFHS provides high quality educational programs and training courses for coaches and state associations across the country.


Cavs Girls


     Come join the Cavalier Girls

Watch for the updates as the Jr Cavs Girls bring you another year of exciting dance camps and clinics!
Experience a fun-filled day learning hip-hop and jazz dance moves, receive a Jr. Cavalier Girls T-shirt & autographed photo card from theCavalier Girls and perform in front of thousands of fans during a Cavaliers’ home game. Ages 7-18 are welcome.  Advanced clinic – ages 13-19

Cav's GirlsContact Emily B        fax: 216-420-2329   or    Call  216-420-2228      Cleveland Cavaliers   1 Center Court, Cleveland, OH  44115

Private Instructional Camps
The Cavalier Girls are also available for private instructional camps for cheerleading/dance teams and choreography for dance studios. The Cavalier Girls will come to your school/studio and provide the following:   Group Warm-Up ...

  • 2 Choreographed routines
  • One ticket to a designated home game for the camp participant
  • An official Jr. Cavalier Girls t-shirt                                Cavs Girls          
  • An autographed Cavalier Girls Photo Card                     OACC Info 
  • Call Vandana Patel at (216) 420-2977.
       The Jr. Cavalier Girls program has a mailing list to keep you appraised of events.      

  • OHSAA Insurance Change



    The Ohio High School Athletic Association Insurance Coverage has changed!

    Effective August 1st, 2006 the OHSAA no longer provides catastrophic insurance coverage for students whose sport is not "recognized" by them.

    OHSAA has endorsed insurance broker Loomis & LaPann to offer schools the opportunity to purchase catastrophic insurance coverage at a reasonable cost.

    Please be sure that your cheerleaders are adequately covered for full particiapation: Camps, Away games & travel, community service off-site, pep rallies, community events, competitions, parades...etc

    FaceBook & MySpace


    Kent State University had asked student-athletes to discontinue their Facebook profiles. At Kent State, all student-athletes were expected to take down their Facebook profiles by August 1. Those who did not meet the deadline jeopardized their right to continue to compete. Director of Athletics, Laing Kennedy reversed the policy. Student athletes CAN keep their Facebook profiles, provided they keep them for only friends to see and follow the athletic department's code of expected behavior. Facebook. It used to be an actual book, handed out by your college, with pictures of fellow incoming freshmen. Now, it’s the social networking site that’s sitting right behind MySpace in the internet popularity contest. People have expectations of privacy in cyberspace that just doesn’t exist. Penn State University Police used Facebook to identify and prosecute fans who rushed the field after the Oct. 8 Ohio State game, said the Ohio State University Police Assistant Director Tyrone Parham. At the University of Akron, staffers touch on the issue in the one-day orientation for new students but will provide a more comprehensive approach in coming years. ``It's so new,'' said Lori Reinbolt, director of new student orientation. ``Students don't realize how much personal information they're putting out there.'' Incoming college students are hearing the usual warnings this summer about the dangers of alcohol and credit card debt. But many are also getting lectured on a new topic: the risks of Internet postings, particularly on social networking sites such asFacebook. Kent State offered seminars on the dangers of Internet postings for the first time last spring and will include the issue -- again, a first -- in its new student orientation later this month.



    Online Sports Safety Education

    Online courses make it easy to get sports safety education. With the National Center for Sports Safety's PREPARE online course, coaches can learn the basics in safety with the convenience of distance learning.

    The Fastest Ten Weeks


    A Perspective On High School Football By Tim McCoy, Vice President and General Manager of WTOV9

    Many call it the fastest 10 weeks of the year.

    Generations of families who grew up in this diverse melting pot we call the Ohio Valley wait anxiously through weeks of winter’s cold and into Mother Nature’s heat of the summer. There may be nothing better in the world, I believe, than attending a high school football game on a Friday or Saturday. High school football is more than a tradition; it is a way of life and wonderful entertainment for people of all ages.

    .....Here’s to all the passionate players, coaches, cheerleaders, band members, school administrators and fans to enjoy this football season and create memories to last a lifetime.

    -Tim McCoy Vice President/General Manager, WTOV9              wtov9



    Make a Difference Day.   Ohio is the National leader on Make A Difference Day, the largest day of volunteering to meet community needs throughout the United States.   Visit our friends at the Ohio Parks and Recreation Department for more info on how your team or league can gain their community service points and gain valuable giving skills. See for ideas for your team. (Held annually in October - although, volunteering your services should be ongoing)

    The long-term goal of Make a Difference Day Ohio is to help develop a life-long ethic of service in Ohio’s citizens.  A priority is to encourage youth participation, as numerous studies show that those who volunteer at an early age are more likely to volunteer later in life.

    Get Psyched Sports


    Get Psyched Sports

    There are 30 million kids playing organized sport in America,

    If we all taught the same basic lessons, we can make positive change in our community.

    To bring positive change to organized sport from grade school through high school by:


    Building self-worth for good mental health


    Calming the atmosphere around organized sport


    Enhancing personal performance in all areas of life


    OACC welcomes this outstanding curriculum program to Ohio Schools!

    Contact: or at

    The Spirit of a Buckeye


     The Spirit of a Buckeye

    "The Spirit of a Buckeye: Brutus Buckeye's Lessons for Life"

    By Brutus Buckeye with help from James Clevely, Meredith Dean & Michelle Marshall

    A beautifully photographed booklet of Brutus at his best. A keepsake for any Buckeye Fan, Team Mascot and lessons for our PeeWee Spirit Leaders.

    Request your copy from Cleverley Created at 614-470-0027 or the OACC office. Single price approx $12.00

    Jamie Clevely is an energetic speaker with ideas to promote and train your mascot. Please add a mascot seminar to your next workshop or clinic.                        

    Americheer offers 20th Anniversary Incentive



    Introducing AmeriCheer's newest and most innovative camps.

    • New cutting-edge material for school, rec, and all-star teams.
    • New dances infused with moves learned from the New York hip hop circuit.
    • An energizing cardio routine will "kick start" your morning.
    • Ignite the Stands and excite the fans with help from this new class.

    Chivalry isn't dead... Find it in our Game Day class.

    Rally Routine- take this routine and own it!

    What's Hot- think you know
    ? Think again!

    Gear Up for Homecoming pep rallies....Competition season is upon Us....Get ready for Basketball season.

    American Cheerleader


    is the ONLY magazine for teens who cheer! Each issue brings you scholarship info, fab fundraising ideas, stunt how-tos, and stories on celebs who cheered!

    1 year (6 issues) only $14.95!

    To comply with laws protecting your safety, please print out the subscription form
    and discuss the subscription with your parents. You can mail your subscription to:

    P.O. Box 1957
    Marion, OH 43306-8075.

    COA Dream Team


    Cheerleaders of America

    Have you ever watched cheerleaders and dancers performing in a parade or half time show

    during the holidays and wondered how you could take part in the fun?

    Each year COA gives its most talented cheerleaders and dancers the opportunity to perform in front of tens of thousands of people at Bowl Games and Holiday Parades across the country.

    Teams and individuals can qualify at all COA Summer Camps.

    Try-Out Judges


    A list of Ohio Certified Judges is available.   HOWEVER-- we are still in need of Judge VOLUNTEERS to help other coaches judge their try-outs unbiased. If you would like to help judge tryouts for schools or organizations in your area ...Please email Delphia at

    NCSSE Exec Director - Hats Off!



    NSCCE Executive Director Debbie Bracewell Wins the  Spirit Industry Trade Association (SITA)

    Leadership Award for Affiliate Companies!

    OHSAA & Ohio State Highway Patrol


    Buckle Up for a Successful Season is a community-level traffic safety effort that includes all Ohio State Highway Patrol Posts, and nearly every one of the Ohio High School Athletic Association's 833 member high schools.

    The program strongly emphasizes the fact that motor vehicle crashes involving Ohio teens are preventable. Far too many fatal and serious injury crashes are occurring on Ohio roadways, and many of these crashes involve inexperienced teen drivers.

    The goal of Buckle Up for a Successful Season is to promote a safer highway environment by reminding and encouraging student-athletes, coaches, cheerleaders, band members, and fans to buckle up when going to school, practices, games – everywhere, every time.


    Girls & Women Rock: Celebrating 35 Years of Sport & Title IX


    SEE    NCAA for 2008 Dates and Locations .........  (March 2007):  Title IX Academic & Legal Conference  The year 2007 marks the 35th anniversary of the passage of Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972.    During the three and a half decades since Title IX was signed into law, there has been a massive shift in societal attitudes toward girls and women in sport.

    Cleveland was host of the 2007 NCAA Women’s Final Four® this was a fitting occasion for a symposium commemorating this important legislation.

    Questions? Contact:    Ellen J. Staurowsky, Ithica College   607-274-1730   or   Rachael Stentz Baugher, Clevelad Sports Commission   216-363-1109

    The National Association of Sports Commissions


    NASC is the sports event industry's leading networking organization.  Founded in 1992, the NASC represents almost 400 organizations including cvb's, sports commissions, event owners and industry suppliers.  Produced annually, the NASC Sports Event Symposium is the single most important sports event conference for industry professionals.  Attendees are provided with new ideas, practical tips and the hottest trends.   Membership not required to attend; however members receive registration fee discounts.   Watch for April dates

      Directors page for More-The single most important sports event conference for Industry Professionals!     More on the NASC & The Sports Event Symposium

    NCA/NDA Collegiate Cheer & Dance Championships



    1. Wright State
    2. University of Akron
    3. The Ohio State University
    4. Ohio State All Girls Team
    5. Miami University
    6. Xavier University
    7. All Alternates, Stunt Groups and Mascots

    Xtreme Spirit

    A note from our friends in Illinois - the USASF Midwest Conference and Meeting was a great success! it was nice to network with coaches from 11 MidWest states.



    Cheer and Dance with the Word-Famous Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders  .  Spnsored by the Lake Erie Monsters Lake Erie Monsters  NHL  Contact Emily to register for Camp  on Saturday, February 9th at 9am.





                  Cheer and Dance    Held Annually in March                   

    HIGH SCHOOL Varsity Squads ONLY

    Middle School/Jr High Cheerleaders and All-Star Teams are not permitted.

    Freshman, JV and Varisty may be combined for the Varsity InterScholastic Competition team.



    DCE Dance Dance Dance


    Bring it!      DCE!   Dance Champion Express Bring it to DCE!

    COA Ultimate in April


    COA Welcomes Division 4.2  COA Ultimate Nationals  April 9 - 12